Tonight I will sleep with the gun in my mouth...

...good night my love

.my whole life on your lips.
26 August
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I fight, to the touch of your skin...
I'm never thinking alike,
I'll never be akin.
Always being there to the tounge...
with the smallest gash of your heart,
to the largest dream of part.
I've never felt this much pain,
with the smallest drop of love...
to the hate the size of rain.
This is more that I can stand,
no more of me being there for you.
There's only one more and
I shall love you.
But the feeling more then hate,
and i hope that you feel it too.
That is it will never be trough.


Red fists meet blackened eyes
puss pouring out of styes
darken fears cry blue tear
now kiss them away before death to day.



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