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2 things:

*....I'm totally getting sick of my mother and i'm thinking of moving out of th is house. I swear I can never stay in one house with one of my parents for too long.

*....I'm so in love with Andrew. Every day I spend wiht him gets more and more amazing. And well, i see him every day. haha. I can't imagine what I'm gonna do when he goes up to college and I'm stuck at Delta, cause I'm fucking retarded. Maybe I'll call LSSU on monday and beg to get back in. Doubt it would happen.

So life has been great. well besides the mother bit. But I've been thinking a lot.
I think I might join the army.
Not too sure yet. But leaning more towards I will.

I have two jobs....not too much, just perfect.
but both are at the mall, AE and Victoria's Secert.
Yes, I work at the Pantie store....HORRAYYYYy for discounts....
So needless to say....I have a shit ton of new undies.
And I wear lingirie out...it's so fun.

I went camping recently with Andrew, Princess, Light & his girlfriend and dave. Marae came up at night and kelly came up once. But it was greatttttt fun.
I can't wait for the girls camping trip.

but I have soo much to up date about it's not even funny. so I'm gonna leave it as it is I just htought I'd let you all know I'm alive.

Andrew is all curled up in bed waiting for me to come and cuddle.

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