.my whole life on your lips. (kissmytearsaway) wrote,
.my whole life on your lips.

Cheers to my girls.
To my tripod.
I love them.
With everything.
I would be lost without those girls.

Cheers to my Boyfriend.
For putting up with me right now.
i love him soo much.
I seriously dont know where I would be without him.
I'm scared about the army thing.
I'm scared about him not comign back.
Ever. But I will still be here for him.
Or in germany..depends where I am in the Army.

Cheers to Katie.
You are awesome.
Like More then awesome.
She helps me alot up here.
It's good to have someone like katie, who I have too mcuh in common with. But it's awesome.

Cheers to the D3 girls.
Yeah you guys.
You ask why?
Cuase i miss you girls and i know I can come up there and stuff.
But it seems like it would be akward.
I dunno.
But I love yas.
Amy-Imiss talking with ya and hanging out.
Michelle-thanks for still being a friend though some of this past shit.
Mal-You're a sweeite.

I've been in a crappy mood lately.
And I'm not too sure why.
I'm thinking about going to the doctor again.
and see what I should do about things.
At least talk to them.
We'll seee.

Well ladies and gents. The day is young.
and I'm bound to get drunk-y skunk-y.
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