.my whole life on your lips. (kissmytearsaway) wrote,
.my whole life on your lips.

Going up north for a night..

So I called delta today and they were being gay as aids about me getting into classes....Like I have to take a 2 hour test although I have credits that tranfered there in the areas that they wanted me to take tests in. High classes too.


But then they told me to call LSSU and get a transcript sent to them...so i called them and as it was ringing I thought....hmmm, I wonder if it's too late to appeal the dismisal. I want to go back up soooo bad. So i asked... and....

I have an Appeal date set for the 25th of august. And the lady that I spoke with told me that since it's my second chance that I would be trying for, they would most likely give it to me cause they believe in second chances. And considering that it's most causes of Family problems.

So I'll most likely be back at Staterrrrs...:)

Well It's time for me to go up to the cabin, I just thought I'd updated on everything just to let ya'all know where I am and what's going on.

Becca: Dude....I'm going back cause my mom is going to make me kill myself. I found out she's a bi-polar bitchhhh....And, there's no where else for Jessica's right now. Cause I'm just going to college just to get up to 30 credits so I can get paid 3,000 more dollars for having it when I sing up in the ArmY. :0) and just think, you'll miss it and you can come stay with me!

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